Pleated blinds

sun and heat protection for individualists.

Fascinating light effects and Far Eastern charm: WAREMA pleated blinds turn any window into an attractive
focal point and create wonderfully soft light for living and office spaces. The durable material appears delicate and airy. Thanks to the honeycomb structure of certain designs pleated blinds also achieve excellent heat insulation. On designs with reflective coating the coated outside reflects the rays of the sun – the opaque material also provides perfect visual privacy at night.

  • Indoors
  • For casement and hopper windows, patio roofs, vertical gable windows, sloped areas and balcony doors
  • Certain models can be used with glass profile depths ≥18 mm
  • Windows with special shapes (triangles, trapeziums, circles)
  • Computer workstations
  • Problem solver for triangular, trapezium or round windows
  • Optional lateral guidance of the curtain with cables prevents the curtain from moving
  • Convenient locking in any curtain position
  • Special honeycomb structure of certain designs provides excellent heat insulation
  • Various product models available for each room situation
  • Construction limit values (depending on type and operation):
    max. width: 2300 mm
    max. height: 4000 mm
    max. area: 6 m2
  • Operation: raising and lowering with cord, handle, rod, crank or ball chain (depending on type)

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