Sun shading systems that are optimally configured to each other and significant energy savings are points of interest for any home owner today. The WAREMA OPTI SYSTEM offers the ideal room climate – pleasantly cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter. And it does all this with full automation and maximum convenience. With existing heat protection glazing, the combination of an external adjustable sun shading system, internal glare control and an intelligent control system saves up to 40 percent in energy costs. You will find more information here >>

External sun shading system

External WAREMA sun shading systems can reduce the incidence of solar energy. The incidence of light is optimised to enable sufficient glare-free daylight utilisation. The concept is quite simple: depending on the time of day or year, the system lets more or less sun into the room and utilises the solar energy yield to the best extent possible. 

Internal glare control

The internal WAREMA products ensure added glare control, and therefore a pleasant atmosphere and high level of comfort, throughout the entire year. Visual privacy or the view out can be individually regulated. High-grade materials and a diverse colour palette give each room its own character.

Intelligent control

WAREMA control systems create a comfortable room climate while providing optimal daylight utilisation. They ensure that solar energy is used in accordance with individual needs at any time of day and configured to the current weather situation.

Summer day

On a hot summer day the sun has to be mostly shut out in order for the building to remain comfortably cool. The external sun shading system reduces incidence of light and allows work in a glare-free environment. Additional internal glare control can be used for especially high requirements.

Summer night

At the end of a hot summer day the building will have heated up. At night the control system raises all existing sun shading components. This supports the cooling down of the building and improves the room climate.

Winter day

On a cold winter day only the internal glare control is used. Due to the low sun the requirements on this are particularly high. An internal product with low transmission can meet these demands well. Dark, absorbent colours make it possible to utilise large amounts of solar energy.

Winter night

The building must be protected against heat loss on a cold winter night. This requires all sun shading products to be lowered. The resulting air pockets between the individual components optimise heat insulation.

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