Swivel frame

the multifunctional insect screen

Insects love frequently used patio doors, because the doors do not fall shut immediately. The WAREMA insect screen swivel frame stops this unwanted through-traffic. A magnetic closure seals reliably and the frame still opens to both sides. The brush strips seal up even the last hideouts. And what about cat and dog? We even thought of your family pets: a pet door can easily be integrated into the swivel frame.

  • Doors to balconies or patios
  • Frequently used windows and doors
  • Windows and doors with one or two wings
  • Windows and doors with special shapes
  • Also for sloped door exits or window sills
  • Closes reliably and tight through magnetic catch and closing aid
  • With the highly transparent WAREMA VisionAir gauze, the insect screen almost seems to be invisible
  • Optionally with brush seal for additional insect protection
  • Step profile in the lower section protects the gauze
  • Cross rail with integrated handle rail for reinforcement
  • Flexible operation from inside or outside
  • Pet door can be integrated
  • Construction limit values per wing:
    max. Width: 1300 mm
    max. Height: 2500 mm
    max. Surface: 2.5 m²
  • Operation: swivel to open,
  • closing through integrated closing aid and magnetic closure
  • Curtain: gauze available in all models,
  • Frame profile: aluminium, extruded, surface powder-coated
  • Models: one or two-wing

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