Roller blind

the flexible insect deterrent.

A breath of fresh air is welcome in stuffy loft spaces – but not annoying insects which only need a small window gap to enter. WAREMA insect screen roller blinds with fixed installation fulfil both requirements: on sloping window recesses as well as on high glass doors. They are also wind-stable and the Soft-Raise function ensures slow and quiet operation: just press lightly on the handle rail.

  • Vertical windows and doors
  • Sloping ceilings and skylights
  • Fixed mounting, can be used at any time
  • With the highly transparent WAREMA VisionAir gauze, the insect screen almost seems to be invisible
  • Soft-raise function for smooth and controlled raising of the curtain
  • Easy closing by engaging in the special labyrinth lock
  • Wind-stable through lateral fixing of the gauze using brush seals in the guide rails
  • Construction limit values:
    max. Width: 2000 mm
    max. Height: 2400 mm
    max. Surface: 4.8 m²
  • Operation: manual with handle rail, driven by integrated spring-loaded shaft
  • Curtain: WAREMA VisionAir gauze made of plastic coated fibre glass mesh
  • Aluminium parts: Surface powder-coated

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