Light well covers

the weather-proof seals.

Spiders, mice and other little animals like to use hideouts. But dry leaves and dirt also often find their way into the house through insufficiently secured openings. WAREMA light well covers provide efficient protection without limiting the window function. For they are not only light and air permeable, but also weather-resistant. Their extremely flat design means there is no trip hazard and even gives the well an elegant frame.

  • light wells and ventilation shafts, also for windows ending above the level of the well
  • Protection against insects, leaves and dirt
  • Extremely flat but sturdy cover (no trip hazard)
  • The cover allows light and air to pass through, weather-proof
  • Load-bearing, robust stainless steel gauze
  • Construction limit values:
    max. Width: 1800 mm
    max. Height: 1000 mm
  • Operation: permanently installed on the grate
  • Curtain: Gauze made of stainless steel (A2),
  • Frame profile: Aluminium, extruded, surface anodised in natural colour

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