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Renovation roller shutters

Expedient renovation package.


When replacing windows during renovations, it is important to find customised sun shading and to use existing components. Sound insulation and thermal protection are an important issue for owners, particularly where older buildings are concerned. If the existing shutter boxes are still usable, renovation roller shutters for placing on the window frame provide an ideal solution – without damaging the facade during installation.

  • refurbishment, when replacing windows
  • continued use of existing lintel boxes
  • For use in existing shutter boxes
  • Durable system with insulation shells made of polystyrene and reinforcement profiles
  • Improvement of heat insulation and air tightness of the old lintel boxes
  • Complies with the requirements of EnEV 2009
  • Efficient replacement of the old roller shutter
  • Modernisation of the entire roller shutter system
  • Construction limit values (depending on roller shutter type and curtain):
    Max. width: 3000 mm
    Max. height: 2600 mm
    Max. area: 6.5 m²
    • Drive: belt, crank, motor, radio motor
    • Roller shutter curtain: aluminium or plastic
    • Inspection: from inside
    • Extras: inspection cover; insect screen for retrofitting or integrated ex works